Thursday, July 29, 2010


"Your Cigarettes Or Your Job!"

Now here is a very interesting article that I found online!

One company has forbidden smoking anywhere on it's grounds! An interesting question has been raised - "Can a worker be fired for smoking?". It raises an interesting question! One person has already sued another company that they worked for saying that they were fired because he still continued to smoke! (The case is still pending!)

Personally I think it's wrong and it's one of the reasons that I'm glad that I work from home!

You can read the article yourself by clicking here.

There is even a blog posting about a government grant program that is going to start to help promote a more "healthier" lifestyle and that includes providing government grant money to business that start some type of smoking preventative program! You can read that blog post by clicking here.

Other Comments

I am a partial smoker but use an electronic cigarette as an alternative to having a real cigarette when I need to. Employers should look into allowing electronic cigarettes in the workplace as they are quickly being accepted in many areas and making national news as to the healthier advantage and lower cost to conventional cigarettes.

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Ha ha ha that is actually quite funny, although I don't think anyone should be fired for smoking, they simply should not be allowed to smoke.

It is a waste of time on the part of employees especially when they all have to go out together to catch a smoke break.

Other than that it leaves quite a stench in the work place. Other colleagues can help the person not smoke by encouraging them and that is what the employer should do as well.

actually I don't think that anyone should be fired for smoking either - but I'm kind of prejudiced because I am a smoker myself.

But this is just another reason why I'm glad that I work from home because I can smoke whenever I want (when I have my supply of cigarettes that is of course - LOL!)

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